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January 26th Regular Edition

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  • January 26th Regular Edition

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Order Individually or mix and match or order all 4 inserts or order all 5 inserts with the SpecialEdition Regular SS from Friday. . Check my Facebook Group or Band Group to be notified for any deals. No Holds, No Echecks, No Split Orders, No Messenger Pay. Please Just Order on Here. The Inserts will ship out in order of payments within 24hrs. All Orders are final. There are no Refunds,Cancellations, or Exchanges so Order accordingly. 20% cancellation fee. In the event that your package is delayed for 15 days or Lost, you do have $50 Usps insurance per package. I can do the claim for you, but this rarely happens in my experience. But its good to know. The Shipping is already included in the prices and if you order more than 250 sets please note that I might use Fedex instead of Usps to reduce the use of boxes and just fit everything in one box. Also if you pay extra in shipping, do not worry I will refund you back the difference. If you would like to order more than the maximum allowed or listed amount, Please just ADD an Extra Quantities in the Quantities Box. As Always, All Inserts are Free and You are Paying for my Time and Services for Sorting,Counting,Handling, Printing, Supplies, Gas, Ink, Etc Etc. Happy Clipping to All and Lets Get Saving!!!