Who are we?

We are an awesome service provider that likes to save people $$$ ;)

Where can I learn more? 

Wanna see Promotions, Discount Codes, Special Offers or Exclusive Deals? Sign Up for Our Newsletter. Click Here to Sign Up-lots of goodies.

Where do I see the previews?

Previews are posted in the Previews section of the website.  Click Here to see Previews.

Where can I see your Facebook Group? 

Click Here to see Facebook Group.

Where do we ship from?

YeeeeHaa!! Texas 

Do you offer Bulk Prices?

No, most of the times we have good fair prices that are within the market. I do however offer Specials and Discount Codes or Exclusive Offers to my bulk buyers. If you would like to receive promos and discounts sign up for our Email Newsletter list. Click Here to Sign Up. (awesomeness and goodies coming your way)

How do I buy?

Two-Ways: Purchase individually within the website options or use the Paypal Buy Now Button for faster checkout. Paypal Buy Now Button looks like this one- Click Here Check this Video Link to see how to Order Individual Inserts CLICK HERE

When will my order ship?

Orders ship out usually within 24hrs (faster than the line at the Dmv ;+)

How do I pay? 

PayPal, and Now also offering Stripe, as well as Buy Now Paypal Button for a faster checkout. Here is a quick video preview CLICK HERE

How many can I order?

You can order as many as you want, we Love Extreme Couponers Here lol or until we sell out.

When do I ship? 

Orders made for Premiums are shipped out the following Monday. Orders made for Regular Edition ships out on Tuesdays and Wednesday. Friday Edition ships out on Saturdays. 

How do I ship? 

We use Primarily USPS with Priority shipping flat rate boxes or occasionally we'll use Fedex. ( some people love fedex some don't so shoot us a message if you don't want fedex shipping) I usually ship via fedex when it's 200 sets or +) 

How do I return an item?

Awww Man...Usually, inserts can not be returned but if you do run into a situation please message us first. Contact Form or Facebook Group

Do you offer refunds? 

Short answer is no, buuuut if your package is lost or stolen then you do have insurance on your package for up to $50, which I can do the claim for you, if this happens. Spoiler Alert! Let me tell you, it won't happen.(P.O. Does Not Like Giving Out Refunds;) You can Read Refunds & Returns Policy Here

Can I cancel my order? 

Yes, if it hasn’t shipped yet. If it already shipped out then I would need the inserts shipped back and we can refund the order when we receive them, but please note that there will be a 20% cancellation fee. You can read Policy Here

How do I order a product?

Choose which option you want to buy, then add to cart, add quantities, add your information such as name, email, shipping and checkout with paypal or stripe, OR for a faster checkout-Now use the Paypal Buy Now Button ( Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy)

How do I email you?

Contact us via the contact form 

When should I receive my order? 

Usually 2 to 5 days, but most times faster than that.(so you can get your couponing on, Save Save Hooray!!!)

When will my order ship?

Within 24hr to 48hrs( Just in time for the Big Sale)

Quick Tip: If you plan on Buying with the Paypal Buy Now Option then make sure your address is up to date with paypal and that it is confirmed because we will be shipping out your goodies to that address. 

Any questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns? Shoot us a Msg. Contact form or Facebook Group

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What are Premiums?

Premiums are the Top-Notch Inserts, the Creme-de-la Creme of Inserts, Full Edition, basically they are where all the hot coupons come out. Like Unilever, PG Tide, Henkel and such. 

What are Regular Inserts?

Regulars are just the Non-Full Edition inserts. They usually don't include Pg tide, unilever or some hot coupons inside the inserts. This are usually more affordable than premiums. You can see the differences in the Preview Section Page.

Ok, I think that about covers all the ???s I get asked most frequently,but if I missed something please just send us a holler and we'll get back to you as soon as I'm done stockpiling 200 toothpaste, j/k lol. 

Thank you for all the support as always. Go get those savings now, stop reading this and go  Clip, Clip, Hooray, Clip, Clip, Hooray, Clip Clip, Save Save....lol